EU Employment Project

Extra–Curricular Education as an appropriate response to the existential conditions of migrants in an urban environment

Project Identification

The European project number is I-1997-D-556. The national project number in Germany is: NW 317. The project will start on April 1st, 1998 and end on Dezember 31st, 2000.

sd019Target group

The target group of immigrants will be represented by 20 participants, most of whom will be Turkish.





sd011Planned Project-Activities

The participants can take part in five units on a parallel basis in a one year full-time programme or – where appropriate – they can be done consecutively or individually. These five units are:


  • Social casework supplemented by a reinforcement of curricular knowledge
  • Group work to improve language lessons
  • Community projects providing experience in supporting the elderly, antiracist or international communication (so far Eritrea and Turkey)
  • Placements in firms, which give the participants a chance of learning by research: participants learn to compare and document their experiences in different firms, trades and work environments
  • Participation in the museum’s projects: taking part in collecting, interpreting and exhibiting documents, especially concerning the international comparison of jobs, trades, professions and life situations of participants at home as well as in European partner projects.

Staff Members

sd001aEmployees responsible for the CI-project are:

  • Maren Grötenherdt (Diplompädagogin = M.Ed. / Education)
  • Gülcihan Kaya (Teacher; B.Sc. / Economics)
  • Wolfgang Küpper (Diplompädagoge = M.Ed. / Education)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Zaschke (Sozialwissenschaftler = Ph.D. / Social Scientist)

Contact person is Wolfgang Zaschke

Wolfgang Zaschke

Wolfgang Zaschke


Postal adress:

Jugendhilfe und Schule e. V. – Jugendladen Nippes & Nippes Museum

Kempener Str. 95D

D – 50733 Köln

Telephone: 0049-221-727275 (Monday to Friday 10am – 1 pm and  2 pm – 6 pm)

PS: Without a translator being present we can only phone in German and in English (all) or Turkish (Ms. Kaya)

Fax: 0049-221-727275

E-Mail: [at]

Trans-national activities

The Nippes Museum prefers to co-operate with partners who are themselves active in the field of social work or youth work, and are in a close and personal relation to their target groups – these need not be the same groups as in the case of the Nippes Museum. Moreover reform of social work should be a point of interest instead of pure commercial or labour market oriented activities, supervision or co-ordination. Partners should be interested in joint common evaluation and documentation. This might be a common exhibition comparing life situations and vocational aspirations of participants in the partner projects.

Your way to Nippes

by train:  Main Station / Subway No.18 to Florastraße

by car: Cologne-East / direction Centre (Mitte / Zentrum) / Zoo Bridge / second traffic light right / 2. tr.l. half left / 500 m straight ahead.- or: Cologne-North / direction Centre / Exit Köln-Nippes /-Ehrenfeld / turn left / pass three traffic lights / after the railway tunnel turn right at once / go 700m straight ahead.